SMPOA Meeting Minutes April 1, 2019

President Ed Weitzer called the meeting to order at 8:18 p.m. at his home at l8428 Clifftop Way.

In attendance were the following members of the SMPOA Board: Ed Weitzer, Paulette Silver, Larry Klein, Albert Chang and Martin Legowiecki.

Also in attendance was Parliamentarian, Rick Silver, and resident, Theresa LeGrove.

1. Architecture Committee (“AC”) Update

Recent AC site visits were summarized.

There is no further information or communication with AC re a pending ocean view interference (“OVI”) litigation between two SMPOA RESIDENTS.

Martin Legowiecki submitted (AC) expenses to Larry Klein, Treasurer.

2. Annual SMPOA Meeting

Date and location of the SMPOA Annual meeting was discussed. Larry Klein had contacted Kehillat Israel and the Getty Villa for availability and cost estimates. Larry presented the costs from past meetings, as well as the new estimates from Kehillat Israel and the Getty Villa. After discussion regarding the difference in the costs, the Getty Villa was decided as the better and most convenient for the SMPOA community. Catering menu and prices are being checked into. The date discussed and agreed upon was Sunday June 9.

A vote was taken and agreed upon unanimously by the Board that the meeting will be held at the Getty Villa and the date would be Sunday June 9, 2019.

Additional discussion was had about possible sponsor donorship toward the Annual Meeting. Larry Klein agreed to solicit possible donors.

3. Update re RV Encampment

The April 2nd Community Conference Call to discuss tentative agenda and community Q&A regarding the upcoming Board of Supervisors hearing was discussed. It was suggested that Gabe Sokoloff of the Safety Group email all on his list to remind everyone join in on the call.

Discussion continued regarding the importance that community members attend and speak at the April 23rd Hearing in front of the LA County Board of Supervisors Hearing. Members of the Board agreed to try to elicit attendees and speakers for the hearing, along with Gabe Sokoloff’s plea from the Safety Group.

It was decided that the volunteer speakers attend a “pre” hearing meeting to discuss talking points for the upcoming hearing would meet at President Ed Weitzer’s home on Monday April 15 @7:30 p.m.

New information from a resident regarding an RV on PCH is advertising on Airbnb was given to Sara Epstein. This information was forwarded to Stephanie Cohen by Rick Silver

There was discussion of the Department of Public Works not providing requested information on Environmental testing done quite a while ago on PCH along the encampment site. Trying to get that information would be helpful in a possible future hearing with California Coastal Commission.

4. SMPOA Website

Martin Legowiecki has been creating a new and interactive website for our community, Pictures of Board members will be taken and uploaded with their Bios.

It was determined that a Website Information Manager was needed to upload various information onto the website each month and to answer questions on the Q&A section to be created.

Alternative methods of payment of dues on the website was discussed. It was agreed that credit card payments would be advantageous. Martin said the Stripe company would charge a 3% fee. On the existing $100 yearly dues, there would be a $3.00 fee per transaction. A “convenience” charge to members who wish to use this service for a one-time yearly dues payment would amount to their dues being $103.00.

Martin informed us of a “subscription” service that would allow residents to automatically have their dues taken from a credit card given by residents each year. No decision was made on the service at this time.

A vote was held and was agreed upon unanimously to have credit card payments be available on the Sunset Mesa website for all members to pay their yearly dues online.

Another method of taking payments of dues easily at meetings would be using the Square. There is a small fee per swipe, but the devices were free. This would help tremendously during Annual Meeting check ins.

A vote was held and was agreed upon unanimously to obtain the Square.

5. Community Social Events

A summer “Lemonade Cook Off” was suggested by Martin Legowiecki to involve families with young children. Minimal seed money from the SMPOA board would help participants to obtain their building materials and ingredients for their Lemonade stands. The competition would be on one street, most likely Clifftop Way, and there would be various awards given to the children participating. A portion of the money raised by the children would be donated to charities. There would be a definite need for a group of adults to help organize and oversee this endeavor. The budget for past “Block Parties” was given and it was suggested that a small portion of the past budget could be used as the Lemonade stand “seed money”, which would essentially be a block party for the neighborhood with more family participation.

Also a Summer Beach Party and Picnic was again discussed as a fun way to have neighbors gather to have some fun without any SMPOA funding.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Because our meeting this month was on April 1st, it did not give ample time for information on interest rates and information from the bank to arrive in time for a full and accurate treasurer’s report. Therefore, the complete report will be in the April Sunset Mesa-ge for all to see.

7. Emergency Preparedness

Chair for the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Albert Chang, asked about brush clearance on the rim overlooking Topanga Canyon. A short history of past brush clearance was discussed. As of now, it seems residents along that rim (Shoreheights Dr., and Clifftop Way) will need to provide their own brush clearance in accordance with regulations of the State and Local agencies. In the past, the State of California Parks Department was responsible, but since they have no funding, it is up to the residents to clear after obtaining the needed permits to go onto parkland.

8. Safety Issues

A discussion was continued regarding surveillance cameras on Coastline Drive and Surfview Dr. The pros and cons of cameras and the “privacy” issues associated were discussed. It was decided that the surveillance camera issue should be brought to the membership at the annual meeting with a straw vote to see how many were or were not in favor. ADT information would also be given to the Membership. Consensus of the Board was that ADT has been doing a great job so far and crime has been down. It was thought that another push for increased ADT participation by members to get an evening patrol for 7 nights rather than the current 5 nights would be more cost effective. To this end, Rick Silver contacted Mr. McNutt, HOA President of the Pacific View Estates. Mr. McNutt agreed to approach their membership to see if they could get the additional l5 patrol sign ups for ADT to reach that 7 night a week goal. Mr. McNutt also agreed to a possible 25% contribution from Pacific View Estates HOA if cameras are decided upon. Rick Silver has volunteered to be the liaison between SMPOA and the HOA for Pacific View Estates.

9. Closing Items

The next board meeting will take place on Monday, May 6, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. at the home of President Ed Weitzer, at l8428 Clifftop Way.  The President adjourned the meeting at 9:50 p.m.

Minutes Certified as of April 9, 2019