SMPOA Meeting Minutes November 5, 2018

President Ed Weitzer called the meeting to order at 8:06pm at his home at 18428 Clifftop Way.

In attendance were the following members of the SMPOA Board: Ed Weitzer, Sara Epstein, Paulette Silver, Howard Gould, Larry Klein, Albert Chang and Martin Legowiecki. 

Also in attendance was Parliamentarian Rick Silver.

1. Getty Committee Update

Howard Gould, Getty liaison, provided an update regarding a new construction project that will create a “turnaround” on the Getty Villa property. Once complete, vans and buses will no longer have to exit the Getty Villa on Los Liones Drive because they will be able to turn around on-site. The project, when complete, should result in less bus traffic headed northbound on PCH. In addition, the shuttle that takes SMPOA residents up to the museum from the bottom of Coastline will take less time to go up and down the hill.

2. Architecture Committee (“AC”)

AC chair Martin Legowiecki reported that the following new members have joined the AC: Sarah Doering and Arnold Christianson. Other members of the committee include Martin Legoweicki (Chair), Glen Beer (Secty), Len Ovsiowitz, Abbas Satrap, and Philip Cohen.

The AC completed 8 site visits at last month’s meeting. It was suggested that the AC should formulate a submission deadline for AC site visits during a particular month or should otherwise institute a cap on the number of visits each month, in order to avoid burdening the AC members with too many last-minute site visit requests. The AC will develop and publicize submission guidelines to address this issue.

In addition, a motion was made and unanimously approved that: (1) in order to schedule a site visit and/or to be entitled to a Letter of Determination from the AC regarding an ocean view interference (“OVI”) complaint, a homeowner must be current on his/her SMPOA dues corresponding to the fiscal year of the requested site visit; and (2) while the AC will perform a site visit to such homeowner as a courtesy, if the same homeowner owes the SMPOA dues corresponding to any years prior to the current fiscal year, then such will remain due and owing to the SMPOA until fully paid.

3. Website

Martin Legowiecki previewed screen shots of the new version of the SMPOA website that he is working on.

4. Emergency Preparedness Committee/Safety

Board members discussed the possibility that ADT should supply additional coverage to patrol our neighborhood in the event of an evacuation of Sunset Mesa, in order to help prevent looting.

Board members also discussed the desirability of requesting that the LASD lease land in or near the Mesa to create a new sheriff substation.

5. Street Representatives

Rick Silver reported on the first meeting of the Street Representatives Committee. The purpose of developing “street representatives” on each block in the neighborhood is to encourage more interaction between community members and the Board, to let people get to know their neighbors better, and to find out how the Board can be more responsive to concerns in the community. Street representatives will personally deliver the Sunset Mesa-ge to neighbors on their respective blocks. From a safety and security standpoint, the Street Representatives will also help to collect updated email and phone number information from each house that the SMPOA will use for safety, security, and communication purposes only. Street representatives have been instructed to relay messages from other neighbors directly to the SMPOA Board for consideration but are not otherwise authorized to speak on behalf of the Board.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Larry Klein circulated the attached financial summary to the Board, dated as of October 31, 2018.

7. Campers on PCH – Upcoming Hearing Before LA County Regional Planning Commission (“RPC”)

The next hearing on the LA County RPC’s proposed overnight parking restrictions on PCH is presently scheduled for December 12, 2018 at 9:00am. Two appeals were lodged to the Commission’s prior decision to impose certain restrictions on overnight parking. The prior record of evidence and testimony will stand in support of the restrictions, but SMPOA members are encouraged to send any new evidence to Josh Huntington at The Board also encourages SMPOA members to make an effort to attend the hearing in person if possible, to show support for the restrictions. The prior hearing began promptly at 9:00am.

In addition, the Board discussed that a new CHP officer, Weston Haver, has been placed in charge of issues pertaining to the camper vans on PCH. If neighbors have concerns regarding possible traffic violations at that site, they should call the CHP hotline at the following number: 1-800-TELL-CHP. Officer Haver’s email address is

Finally, Rick Silver reported that a complaint has been filed with the Los Angeles County Water Board and an investigation has been opened concerning the dumping of human waste that is taking place at the encampment.

8. Closing Items

It was agreed that the next Board meeting would take place on Monday, December 3, 2018 at 8:00pm at the home of President Ed Weitzer, at 18428 Clifftop Way. The President adjourned the meeting at 9:35 pm.

Minutes Certified as of November 27, 2018