SMPOA Meeting Minutes October 1, 2018

President Ed Weitzer called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm at his home at 18428 Clifftop Way.

In attendance were the following members of the SMPOA Board: Ed Weitzer, Sara Epstein, Paulette Silver, Larry Klein, Albert Chang and Martin Legowiecki. 

Also in attendance was Parliamentarian Rick Silver and two guests from the community [Maria and Grant].

1. Campers on PCH – Upcoming Hearing Before LA County Regional Planning Commission (“RPC”).

The President circulated the agenda for the hearing scheduled for October 2, 2018 hearing, at which the RPC would address the potential implementation of parking restrictions on Pacific Coast Highway in the area between Coastline Drive and Topanga Canyon Boulevard, where an encampment of RVs and other vehicles has proliferated in recent months.

Specifically, the RPC has proposed to authorize the installation of “No Parking 12 AM to 2 AM” signs along the north (landward) side of PCH and “No Parking 2 AM to 4 AM” signs along the south (seaward) side of PCH.

The Board discussed the possibility that the County could be subject to liability if it fails to adopt reasonable measures to reduce or eliminate the fire, sanitation, crime and safety risks presented by the encampment, even though the County has been notified of those dangerous conditions for months. 

Community members have been encouraged to submit grievances and evidence to the County in anticipation of the hearing. Rick Silver also informed the Board that he is looking into ways to encourage authorities to measure the water pollution in the area near the encampment, in order to collect additional data on the potential environmental harm that has resulted from the dumping of sewage from the encampment.

A motion was voted on and unanimously approved for the SMPOA to voice its support the hearing for the parking restrictions that the County is seeking, for the purpose of improving public safety.

2. Website

Martin Legowiecki explained that he had spent the last month researching ways to modernize the SMPOA website and to transfer it to a new hosting service. Martin reported that the new website would include more functionality, including a way to pay dues online and a way to password-protect portions of the website containing sensitive information.

A motion was voted on and unanimously approved to switch the SMPOA website to the Squarespace platform for an annual cost of $216, and to authorize Martin to move content from old site to new site. 

3. Architecture Committee (“AC”) Update

AC Chair Martin Legowiecki summarized the recent activities of the AC. In September the AC performed 8 site visits and issued 5 plan approvals and 3 OVI determinations.

A number of specific properties were discussed, including 3714 Malibu Vista, 18110 Wakecrest, 3749 Malibu Vista, and 18277 Wakecrest.

In addition, Martin explained that he is in the process of preparing a set of reference documents and forms that would clearly articulate the AC’s practices and procedures for reviewing plans and making OVI determinations.

4. Sunset Mesa Safety Committee

Rick Silver explained that he represents the Board as a member of the Sunset Mesa Safety Committee (“SMSC”), a group of Sunset Mesa residents that are primarily concerned with safety and security issues. Among the current goals of the SMSC is to increase ADT patrol coverage by encouraging more residents to sign up for ADT. The number of sign-ups has plateaued and the Board discussed the fact that more signups are still needed.

Rick also updated the Board regarding his efforts to recruit two “street representatives” from each block in the neighborhood. These street representatives will assist the Board in obtaining updated e-mail and contact information from Sunset Mesa residents, will personally deliver the Sunset Mesa-ge each month, and will obtain direct feedback from neighbors regarding issues of interest to the community.

Regarding the issue of community video surveillance, discussions with Flock security have been tabled until further due diligence is performed.

5. Emergency Preparedness Efforts

Grant _____, a long time Sunset Mesa resident and current graduate student at Long Beach State in Emergency Management, made a presentation to the Board. His graduate thesis will be in the form of a funding proposal for emergency preparedness efforts in the Sunset Mesa neighborhood. He therefore asked for the support and cooperation of the Board in order to proceed with his thesis. Grant indicated that, once complete, his research could potentially result in the implementation of a robust emergency preparedness plan for the neighborhood.

A motion was voted on and unanimously approved for Emergency Preparedness Chair Albert Chang to sign a letter in support of Grant’s thesis research.

6. Treasurer’s Report

Larry Klein circulated the attached financial summary to the Board, dated as of September 30, 2018.

7. Closing Items

It was agreed that the next Board meeting would take place on Monday, November 5, 2018 at 8:00pm at the home of President Ed Weitzer, at 18428 Clifftop Way. The President adjourned the meeting at 8:52 pm.

Minutes Certified as of October 8, 2018